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Than Arabic | Rangeto English learning consulting BLOG Study of Arabic Raise the heavy heavy your Mooi waist, I began to go to language school of Arabic from the moon. By the way, TOP image is, when the learned Arabic in JICA's training camp before coming to Egypt. I can understand what is written, and if now, At that time, it was not able to completely understand. Language training, really was hard ~. If the synchronization of all, should know what was suffering from Egypt team only Don. Lol The original is the first of a half months of JICA's support came to Egypt I go to language school, but then did not want to attend on their own. Continued year trouble should attend, I come because I tired to bother irresponsible! ! How did the synchronization of the blog. Annoying thing is, first start it I important. On the day reading it, contact the teacher of the language school! ! Synchronization, Thank you. From among the less money to be paid to personnel, Since the accounts for quite a weight to give tuition to go to language school, I was in can not be smoothly decision.

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