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Than Arabic | Rangeto English learning consulting BLOG Arabic and is Arabic is not a word of countries. What West Asia,'s the language of the countries present in the vast area that spread to North Africa. These countries, ie, whether it can be mentioned a number you the name of the Arab countries. Shown below is the map of the Arab countries. The east is the west from Iraq are using a uniformly Arabic everyone to Morocco. Arab countries map In addition Arabic is also the common language of the Muslims who are said to be about billion are in the world (Muslim). A greater or lesser extent also in Muslim of any country in the world, we construed everyone Arabic. It is because a Muslim holy book "Koran" (more precisely, walking lure down) is written in Arabic. "Koran" is not intended to be translated into foreign languages, it has been a must read remains of Arabic of the original text. That Muslims read the "Koran", you do not have to study the Arabic in order to understand. Thus Arabic, which is widely used in people around the world are now of course is also the One UN Nozu of official languages.

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